CRM and LMS: So Happy Together!

Social media, cloud computing, mobile technology, they all contribute significantly to the demand for customers to control their purchasing and implementation processes themselves. Today customers are not only prepared to, but actually expect to be offered self-service applications. Not only for purchasing and support, but also to learn about the products and services a company offers. Blogs, websites and YouTube clips are great tools to inform prospects and customers about your products. But when your product offering is more complex and you want to know what information from blogs and videos your customer already saw? Or if you want to be able to tailor your offer to customers based on the material they’ve seen? In these situations you should consider to use a so called Learning Management System (LMS) and integrate it with your CRM system.

Actually, the more you allow customers to engage with your company online, the greater becomes  the need to explain processes and procedures to your customers. An LMS is perfectly capable of providing this information in a  structured way. And modern Learning Management Systems provide extensive options for gamification as well, which actually contribute to encouraging your customers to consume more of the content you offer, and therefore to engage with your company even more.

And finally, these days more and more companies  understand the commercial value of the training  they are offering. Training is a service that customers in general are prepared to pay for. Integrating your CRM with an LMS provides great options for selling more training services and will give you great clues for upselling more training.lms

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