Amsterdam Spice

An inspiring team building event for CRM Consultants

Amsterdam Spice


  • Your consulting company provides CRM implementation services. You have a team of skilled, capable and smart consultants. In general your customers are satisfied, but you still see some challenges:
  • Your team is made up of technical application specialists. Their focus is on the CRM application and less on the customer engagement processes that your clients want to implement;
  • The technology changes at such a speed that your consultants don’t seem to be able to keep up with the most current CRM business trends;
  • Not all of your consultants have enough background to talk about things like ‘social CRM’, ‘customer experience management’ and ‘online engagement’, while you – as the manager of your CRM business – clearly see that having in-depth knowledge of these topics is getting more critical;
  • Your consultants are working very hard in projects at the customer’s site and they hardly have time to meet each other and connect. You already invest in team building, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.


CRMHOW.COM offers you a creative, attractive and practical program, that meets the challenges confronting CRM consultants today:Rembrandtsplein Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Spice
CRM Excursion!

Your team will make a two-day trip to Amsterdam, where they will stay at the lively Rembrandt Square. The program offers workshops and cultural inspiration with an introduction to the city’s famous nightlife, thus combining  both business and fun. Our concept is unique in the sense that we connect the fun to your business, the demands of your customers and developments in the world of CRM.

Our program has a standard setup, but we can tailor it to the unique requirements of your organization. To be able to deliver as much value as possible we prepare the program thoroughly, together with your management team.


The word SPICE does not only refer to the ‘hot and spicy’ character of the city of Amsterdam, it is also an acronym for the current CRM megatrends, being:

  • Social CRM
  • Predictive Analytics (Big Data)
  • Interface (mobile, portals)
  • Cloud
  • Experience Management

During the Amsterdam Spice CRM Excursion these themes will be discussed in inspiring workshops, illustrated with actual business examples. What’s more, the megatrends will be directly connected to all the things you can experience in Amsterdam in 24 hours.


The program starts at 10.00 AM in the hotel on the Rembrandt square, located in the very heart of the city. We kick off with an introduction to the SPICE themes, presented by 15 year CRM veteran Marc la Chapelle.

Amsterdam Canal View

After the presentation we will take a guided walk through the city center and the old Jordaan neighborhood, where we will mainly look for signs of the rich trading history of Amsterdam. After lunch we will visit the Rijksmuseum, and the famous Albert Cuyp market. We’ll end the afternoon in the old Heineken beer brewery, which will be quite an experience, followed by drinks and dinner on the Leidseplein.

During the evening we will get acquainted with the hospitality industry more thoroughly, but, although this is a great team building activity in itself, we will keep the CRM focus alive by recording our Customer Experience per establishment visited.

After breakfast, day two starts with a meeting to share our findings of the first day, in relation to the SPICE trends and themes and present the subjects and issues planned specifically for your organization.

For the last part of the program you can choose one of the following activities:

  • A guided tour through a tier-one data center;
  • An online-engagement strategy definition session (as an example);
  • A business-technology alignment session.

Of course, changes to the program to align with your requirements are possible.

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