Our Vision

We see the following trends driving the (increased) need for defining customer centric strategies and/or implementing CRM software and Customer Data Platforms:

  • Increased (online) service expectations of customers;
  • The customer defines the route of his journey, regardless of the internal process of the supplier;
  • Decreased customer loyalty;
  • Increased (global) competition;
  • Customers have become ‘social customers’, but marketing, sales and service processes often have not yet been adapted accordingly.

In addition we see the following trends and changes happening in the world of CRM:

  • Customers become the owners of their own data;
  • The amount of (customer) data available has increased dramatically (and continues to do so exponentially);
  • Data silos are blocking a holistic and unified view of the behaviour of the customer;
  • Services delivered by organizations become more and more data driven and powered by AI;
  • CRM software tools are offered as cloud solutions with flexible on demand deployment options;
  • CRM strategies and CRM software implementations are still a huge factor of failure and are often not embraced by employees/users.