Products & Services

CRMHOW.COM offers a wide range of products and services. Since we are still in the process of building our platform not all products and services are fully available yet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you want to know more about the availability of a specific product or service.

 For CRM ProfessionalsCRMHOW Services

  • Membership based access to online expert community
  • Opportunities to acquire consultancy assignments
  • Online coaching and support
  • AVIO implementation certification
  • Access to online implementation tools (AVIO)

For CRM Consulting Companies

  • Membership based access to online expert community
  • CRM Knowledge Drive training and team events
  • CRM Background Knowledge Sessions

For CRM implementing Organizations

  • Strategic CRM advice
  • Delivery of expertise on demand
  • Access to online implementation method and tools (AVIO)